Did You Ever See a Zoo Animal

Did you ever see a zoo animal,
A zoo animal, a zoo animal
Did you ever see a zoo animal
Go this way and that?


Each day sing about a different animal and do the movements that you sing about.

The Animals in the Zoo

The animals in the zoo, the animals in the zoo
Heigh ho the derry-o, the animals in the zoo


Each day ask the children which animal they want to sing about. Talk about that animal for a minute and decide what you want to mention in the song. (Like the monkey swings in the trees, or the lion roars like this - roar!)

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree

Five little monkeys swinging in the trees
Teasing Mr. Crocodile "You can't catch me!"
Then along came Mr. Crocodile as quiet as can be and...


Hang a paper tree on the wall and put 5 monkey cutouts on the tree. Use a crocodile puppet or cutout taped to a stick. Each day use the crocodile puppet in the song to take one monkey off of the tree.

Polar Bear Turn Around

Polar bear, polar bear turn around
Polar bear, polar bear touch the ground
Polar bear, polar bear eat some fish
Polar bear, polar bear swim in the water
Polar bear, polar bear with white fur
Polar bear, polar bear in the zoo


Each day sing about a different bear found in the zoo. Have pictures to show. Before you sing, make up verses by talking about what the children know about the bear. Begin with the first two verses, replace the middle verses with those that apply and end each song with the last verse.