Animal Cover Up

Prepare game boards by gluing animal pictures onto grids. Children take turns rolling a dice and covering up that number of animals on their game board. Play until everyone has covered up all of their animals. Use larger grids and 6-number dice for older children. Younger children may need smaller grids and 3-number dice. Children who finish early can continue to roll the dice and cover up animals on a friends' grid. Use bingo chips or pennies as markers.


one-to-one correspondence

recognizes numbers

counts objects to 5 or higher

Feeding Time

Prepare a feeding schedule by writing a number 1 to 6 and having a picture of an animal next to it. The number is the time that animal is to be fed. Lay pictures of the animals on the table or floor and give each child a bowl of popcorn kernels. Each child takes a turn rolling a 6-number dice to see what time it is and looking at their chart to see which animal they are to feed. Let them decide how many popcorn kernels to give that animal based on how big or small the animal is. Continue until time runs out or everyone runs out of popcorn.


understands basic time concepts

Animal Dominoes

Use a commercial set of animal dominoes or make some by gluing pictures to either end of rectangle cutouts. Use only about 6 different animals and create lots of combinations to produce about 24-30 dominoes. To play the game, give each child an equal amount of the dominoes. Have the youngest child put one domino in the middle and each child adds a domino by placing same animal pictures together. Play until everyone runs out of dominoes or until the timer goes off.


matches objects that are alike

Barrel of Monkeys

Purchase a commercial version of this game and have children take turns hanging the monkeys on one strand until it falls. Then stack 5 monkeys and sing "5 little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree" and let each child pretend to a crocodile snatching a monkey.


manipulates small objects