Ocean Snack

Children spread blue tinted cream cheese or icing over a graham cracker and then add fish shaped crackers or gummies.


follows directions

Sandy Toast

Create recipe cards with each step in a recipe to make cinnamon toast. Draw pictures to represent what they are to do in each step and write the words in bold below on each card.
1)WASH (draw hands under running water with bubbles)
2)TOAST (draw a bread and a toaster) - teachers may want to do this step for younger children
3)BUTTER (draw a knife spreading butter on toast)
4)SUGAR (draw the toast with a light shaker above it) - place sugar in a salt shaker
5)SAND (draw the toast with a shaker with dark shaker above it) - use cinnamon shaker for the "sand"
7)EAT (draw a child smiling and toast with bite taken out of it)

you could save the toasting to the last step if you have a toaster over


knows reading progression

recognizes symbols and environmental print

Fishing for Goldfish

Give each child a cup with an equal amount of goldfish crackers (about 10) and a spoon. Using a 1,2,3 dice have each child take a turn rolling the dice and "catching" that many fish on their spoon. Then they can eat them. Continue until everyone has eaten all their goldfish. If someone doesn't like goldfish you can have them spoon theirs into a baggie and take them home to a family member.


recognizes numbers 1-3

counts objects to 3

Ocean Toast

Have the children follow a visual recipe to make toast.
1) Wash your hands 2) Use clean ocean cookie cutters to cut bread into shapes.
3) Spread with tomato sauce
4) Sprinkle with grated cheese
5) Let an adult place in a toaster oven until cheese melts
6) Eat!


follows a recipe in order

Goldfish Graph

Use different types of goldfish crackers (pretzel, cheddar, plain) to make patterns with the children. Create a pattern for the children to copy, then start a pattern and take turns adding crackers to it, then see if the children can take turns creating a pattern on their own for the other children to copy. Don't forget to let them eat their patterns!


recognizes, reproduces patterns