Beach Ball Toss

Stand in a circle. Children take turns saying another child's name and tossing the ball to them.


throws and catches balls

coordinates large muscles

Pelican Feeding

Draw a pelican head on the side of a box and cut out a hole for the mouth. Make fish beanbags by filling the toe of a tube sock with beans, tying a knot and folding the top of the sock back over the beans. Use a rubber band to close off the tube and form the tail. Draw on eyes. Kids toss fish at the pelican.



coordinates large motor movements

Crab Balance

Set up a balance beam or a long block on the floor. Place a bucket of fish cutouts at one end. Have the kids line up at the other end. One at a time have them cross the beam sideways, shuffling their feet along the beam to the other end and pick up a fish from the bucket. Then they return and go to the end of the line. Encourage them to go at their own pace and not feel they have to race. The point is to work on balance. Continue taking turns until all the fish are gone.


walks on a balance beam

walks side ways

Bucket Swing

Because of a thing called centrifugal force you can swing a bucket of water completely over your head without spilling a drop! The trick is to keep your arm completely straight as you hold the handle of the bucket. Then rotate your arm as fast as you can from one side to the other over your head, making a big circle. Demonstrate this skill with cotton balls in the bucket first as the children watch. Then put about an inch of water in the bottom and try again. (You may want to do this outside!) Encourage each child to try it. Have them practice with the cotton balls first and when they are confident they can try a little water. Don't force them, just encourage.


takes pride in own accomplishments


tries new things

Sand Castles

Fill a large water table with wet play sand. Demonstrate how to pack containers with sand and turn over to make buildings. Also provide tools to cut doors and windows and provide a collection of shells and things to decorate their building with. Allow each child to work in the water table in his own area. Assist when asked, but otherwise allow children to experiment. When there is only a minute left to play have them use the decorations to adorn their castles. Take a picture of them, then encourage them to put the decorations back. Then they can pretend the ocean is coming in and washing their castles away to prepare for the next group.


demonstrates self-direction

expresses own interests

makes informed choices

Buried Treasure Shapes

Bury jewels cut into different shapes (easily found at a hobby store) in play sand in a water table. Provide sifters, small shovels and treasure box. Children take turns digging for buried treasure and naming the shapes as they find them.


recognizes and name basic shapes