Taste Test

Provide items from each taste for children to try. Have them put a sticker on a taste chart under each item they liked. (Try crackers or potato chips for salty, lemons or lemonade for sour, sugar cubes or candy for sweet, onion or unsweetened cocoa for bitter) Extend this activity by demonstrating how we make flavors that aren't enjoyable such as unsweetened cocoa or lemons taste better by adding sugar or another ingredient that does taste good.


tries new things

Popcorn Fun

Measure out a tablespoon of popcorn kernels and put in a hot air popper. When it is through popping measure how much the popped corn is. Try 2 tablespoons and see how much popcorn comes out. Continue experimenting. Be sure to plan a movie that day so you can eat up all that popcorn!!



Cinnamon Toast

Create recipe cards for children to follow to make Cinnamon Toast. **Use adult supervision while children use the toaster! Steps- 1]Place bread in the toaster, 2]Spread butter on the bread, 3]Sprinkle with sugar/cinnamon mixture (make ahead of time and put in an empty shaker), 4]eat.


follows recipe

Orange Zest

Give children a chance to peel oranges. Set this up as a center. Be sure they wash their hands before they peel them and let them either eat the oranges they peel or share them with a friend. This activity is not only good for helping to develop fine motor strength, but also makes your room smell GREAT!


demonstrates hand strength