Bike Rumble

Set up a path that has the children running over different textures with their bikes. You could use bubble wrap, sticks, rocks, sand, a blowup swim ring (tough!), and anything else that is okay to run over. As each child finishes the course, have them talk about what was the most difficult to run over, what felt the weirdest to run over, etc.


pedals and steers a bike

Bean the Bell

Tie a bell up for children to throw paper balls or beanbags at. If you want to score points, add all the points together for each group so children who can't hit it don't feel singled out.


throws with direction

Listening Walk

Take all of the children on a walk around the block. Record sounds you hear on a cassette tape. In small groups, listen to the tapes and see if the children can identify and remember the sounds.


recognizes and identifies sounds

I Draw What I Saw

Take the children outside and sit in an open area. Have the children discuss what they see when they look up, down, left and right. When you go back inside give each child a piece of drawing paper that is divided or folded into four equal sections. On the first part have them draw a picture of what they saw when they looked up. Write "When I look up I see _______" under that picture. Continue by having them draw what they saw when they looked down, left and right in the other squares and writing the statements. Children who can write their letters should be encouraged to write the name of what they drew, even if you have to spell it for them.



dictates for adults to write
writes familiar words