How Many Claps?

Stack a set of number flashcards face-down on the table. One child secretly looks at the first card, figures out the number on it and claps that number of times. The first child to guess what the number on the card is gets to keep the card. Play continues until all the cards are collected.



number recognition

Candle Match

Wrap pairs of scented candles in tissue so that you can't see the colors. Have the children smell the candles and try to pair them up by smell.


matches objects that are alike

Eye Color Match

Draw eyes on cards and color pairs of cards different eye colors such as green, blue, brown, black, blue-green. Turn all the cards face-down and take turns trying to find matching eye colors.


sorts by attribute

matches objects

Smelly Match

Use a push pin to make several holes in the tops of film canisters. Create matching pairs of smells using some of these ideas (onion, vanilla, vinegar, cinnamon, coffee, perfume, banana, lemon, peppermint, pickle, syrup, etc.) Use a cotton ball to hold the extracts and powders in place before putting the lids on.


observing with senses

Sound Match

Place different objects in dark film canisters so that there are pairs of sounds. Place same colored circles on the bottoms of the canisters that match so that children can self-check. Randomly place the canisters on the table. Children take turns selecting two canisters and shaking them to see if the sounds match. If they think they match they can check to make sure by looking at the colors underneath. If they don't match have them put the canisters back where they found them so that the next person can have a turn.


discriminates between sounds

I Spy Rhymes

Take the traditional game of I Spy and make it a little more challenging. Instead of spying something that is a certain color, spy something that rhymes with a word, like "I spy something that rhymes with sock" (clock) For younger children you may need to give additional clues. Older children who have played before may be called on the spy out some rhymes of their own for the other children to guess.


identifies rhyming words

Senses Dice

Print out a blank dice on card stock paper. Draw or glue on pictures of the five senses on five sides (eye, ear, nose, mouth, hand) and write "Roll Again" on the sixth side. Cut out the dice and fold together. You can make the dice even sturdier by filling it with packing peanuts or shredded paper before taping it closed. Use the dice during group to play a game. Roll the dice and name something you can do with that sense. For example, if you rolled an eye you could say that you use your sense of sight to see if a car is coming when you cross the street.


aware of names, locations and relationship of body parts