Cheese Taste Test

Bring in several different kinds of cheese such as American, Swiss, Cheddar, Mozarella, Cottage Cheese, etc. Prepare a chart with a picture or drawing of each cheese across the top. As each child tastes the cheeses have them draw a happy face or a frowning face under each column according to whether they liked each one or not.


tries new things
trusts adults

Make Butter

Fill a clean peanut butter jar or other plastic container half full with heavy cream and put the lid on tightly. Play some upbeat music. Pass the jar around the circle giving each child a turn to shake the jar as fast and hard as they can. When they get tired have them pass it.  Be sure to take a turn yourself because you will be doing most of the shaking!  After about 10 minutes the butter will begin to separate and clump together. Drain the water, rinse the butter, add a little salt and serve with crackers. *If you let the cream get to room temperature before you do this activity it takes less time to turn to butter.


works as a member of the group