Favorite Farm Animals

Create a chart of farm animal pictures. Write the children's names on blank labels. Have the children decide which animal is their favorite and put their name sticker under that picture. Talk about why they like that animal.


responds positively to differences between self and others

listens to others who are speaking

Egg Sitting

In large group time give each child a plastic Easter egg with their name on it. Talk about how fragile real eggs are and get the children to brainstorm ways to keep their eggs safe during the day. Have them take their eggs with them when they go to centers. Spend the time you usually spend in small groups just observing the children as they play and make a note of those children who remember to take their egg with them and find safe places for them while they play.


takes care of property

Animal Guess

Bring a collection of farm animal toys or pictures to group. Each child takes a turn listening to a description of an animal and choosing the correct animal from the collection. Older children may enjoy describing for the other children.


answers questions

recalls information

Farm Family Words

Provide pictures of farm animals and their babies. Talk about what each animal is called (ram, ewe, lamb, rooster, hen, chick, stallion, mare, colt, bull, cow, calf) and then turn all the pictures over in the middle. Children take turns turning over a card and naming the animal. If they know the family name they keep the card, otherwise they turn the card back over and the next player takes a turn.


learns vocabulary

Farm Homes

Describe a farm scene and have the children draw it. Start by having them draw a farmer house in the middle of the page. Then have them draw other homes for the farm animals such as a stable, a pig sty, a barn, a chicken coop by telling them a direction such as under the farmer house, beside, above, etc.


understands position and direction words

Peek-a-Boo Farm Animals

Glue magnets onto the backs of farm animal pictures. Stick them onto the back of a metal cookie sheet and hold the cookie sheet up for the group to see. Peek one animal around the side of the tray showing only a small part of the animal. Children take turns trying to guess the animal that is peeking out.


uses senses to make observations