Chicken Hop

Give each child in the group an egg carton. Place a bowl of chicks (cotton balls or pom-poms) in the middle and have the children take turns rolling a 1,2,3 dice and putting that many chicks into their egg carton. Continue until all of the egg cartons all filled. When one child fills his egg carton encourage him to continue rolling on his turn and giving the chicks to another player who needs them.


one-to-one correspondence

number recognition


Food Shapes

Cut out foods you get from the farm that are familiar shapes (oval-egg, rectangle-bacon, circle-ham or apple, square-bread, triangle-cheese). Place all the pictures on a tray and cover with a cloth. Take one shape away secretly and have one child try to guess which is missing. Have them name the food and the shape. Continue giving each child a turn. Older children may want to take turns taking one away and letting the other children guess.


recognizes, describes and names shapes

Farm Dominoes

Use a set of commercial made farm dominoes or create a set out of farm pictures. Children take turns placing a domino until all of the dominoes are placed. For younger children I allow them to put the dominoes any where they match, not just on the ends.


matches like objects

Baby to Mommy Matching Cards

Create matching cards of baby animals and mommy animal cards. Turn them all over and have kids take turns trying to find a match.


matches pictures that go together

Pin Your Last Name on the Donkey

Take up a donkey. Write the children's last names on the tails and have the children take turns finding their last name and sticking it on the donkey with their eyes closed.


knows own information

Farm Animal Charades

Have children take turns choosing an animal picture secretly and acting out the animal without making noises for the other children to guess.


engages in role play